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Sneezing and Considering

The Adventures of Penelope and Fungus

Theresa Robinson
25 April
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Most posts here since summer 2011 have been about my baby son Leo:

Babies are all-consuming at the best of times and since he was born I haven't had time to think about much else, let alone post about much else. However I still post a lot of pictures and sometimes they aren't of Leo! I'm not a technical photographer but I am extremely keen, and tend to post a lot of photos. If I post more than one they are usually but not always behind a cut. I'll never post any NSFW pictures (though I have no objection to others on my flist doing so, with cuts as appropriate) and if I link to anything like that there will be a warning. Though I don't think I ever have.

I tend to obsess about tennis and in particular about Andy Murray, who in case you didn't know just BLOODY WENT AND WON WIMBLEDON. YES HE DID. He is awesome. Sometimes I write posts just for the sake of wittering on about it and him and tennis. I totally adored London 2012 and I love almost all sport, except boxing (even though Murray loves it). We went to several events at the Paralympics and had a truly awe-inspiring time. Going back to tennis, I have two days in November booked at the World Tour Finals at the O2 and I think I am guaranteed to see Murray play, because of the way the tournament works. I am beyond excited. My camera and my big lens will be getting a big workout that day!

(not my photo!)

I am married to Tom:

He is frequently mentioned here but is rarely the star, as he's fiercely private. I'm unlikely to ever reveal or discuss anything that impinges on his privacy; no juicy stories here. Suffice to say that I love him very much, and he puts up with me with endless patience :D

I will also sometimes mention my parents Linda and Anthony (still married to each other, living near Salisbury) and my sister Veronica who works as a fundraising manager for an off-off-Broadway theatre company in New York City and has met far more celebrities than I have.

I am an ex-scientist. An odd thing to say I think? I have two degrees in it; one in Zoology and then an MSc in Wildlife Management, both from Reading University where I now work as a database administrator. So while I'm not actively a scientist any more I am very much still interested in it. I'm an atheist too and find that the two go hand in hand, though I am also entirely respectful of the fact that they don't always for other people. My main scientific focus has been conservation and birds, and sometimes the conservation of birds. I give to animal charities more than human ones, though Tom gives more to human ones so overall we have a balance. I tend to obsess about birds; which feeds into obsessing about taking photos of birds.

I also love cats and have two particularly insane and hairy ones. I find them very hard to photograph well, but here's Fusedale (mostly known as Fuzzy, Fuzz, Fuzzball or Fuzzbeast:


And his brother who was sort-of the runt of the litter and is still not entirely there in the head, Jedi:


I tend to talk about them quite a lot in this journal and want to get more decent photos of them both; though the black / white contrast of Fuzz is hard to manage and Jedi generally turns into a glowing white blob with an indistinct black background. I'm learning, though.

I have a couple of Hugh Laurie / House icons, courtesy of mrs_huddles. The OMGWTF icon courtesy of ogam. Several others courtesy of rainbowgraphics.